My life begins today

I will remember this day.

The day when I walked out the examination room and I already knew I could reach it. I’d finished all the questions including the most difficult ones. That was never me – a normal student my whole life, being underrated; just because of my cowardliness, my afraidness of being judged by better people.

23 years I have never been myself nor done anything outstanding. All I have of mine in my purest memory that recalls me every nights and days is just a wanderer.

Without goals.

But now I know my thirst for knowledge has been awakened. It is truly unquenchable. In the past I had no confidence in me; I have lived in fear, dared not to do anything challenging.

Now I do.

I will start everything from scratch. Even it costs me so many years ahead.

I will stay quiet, and enjoy every little thing in this life, being an observer and a caregiver too.

That’s who I am when nobody’s around. That’s just me.

“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all”


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